Volkswagen Caravelle

Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Caravelle
Vehicle type: Minivan
No. of passengers: 8 (Not including driver)


The new Caravelle boasts a new and comfortable interior design that ensures adaptability in the vehicle’s inside.

Moving away from the rough lines that have always characterized this type of vehicle, the new design has simple, elegant and modern lines. This gives us the opportunity to offer you the Caravelle minivan for any event, as although it might not be the conventional vehicle it can be adapted to any need required by Autos el Mundo customers.


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Functionality and Comfort

The greatest functionality and flexibility in the market is available to Autos el Mundo clients. Added comfort, intelligent rail system in the passenger places, ergonomic seats and large storage space for your luggage.

This model has a driver assistance system, multi-collision braking for your safety, panoramic view and all safety measures stipulated by law.

Our Volkswagen Caravelles feature tinted windows and air conditioning in both the front and rear of the vehicle.

For more information or more details about this vehicle please contact  Autos el Mundo and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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