Mercedes V-Class

Brand: Mercedes – Benz
Model: V-Class
Vehicle type: Minivan
No. of passengers: 7 (Not including driver)

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class combines the characteristic elegance of Mercedes with the functionality of all minivans.


An attractive design not only makes the Minivan look great on the outside, but the fact that it is the Mercedes brand means it has been made from the best materials and boasts the latest in technology and in all safety aspects.


Mercedes has equipped the V-Class Minivan with all same the technology used for the Sedans.

Other features include parking sensor, lane keeping assist, self-steerable headlights, active blind spot assist, so you can relax comfortably and you do not have to worry about the conduct of other drivers, safe in the knowledge that all the safety measures have been installed.

The Minivan V-Class has a luggage capacity of 1,030 litres.






The interior has three rows of seats, two at the front of the vehicle followed by two rows of three seats.

The advantage of the V-Class, apart from its large amplitude, is the all-embracing comfort of its leather seats, which makes each trip, especially long journeys, a pleasurable experience. There is ample legroom and more comfortable sitting posture than any Sedan, due to its height.

It boasts great flexibility when it comes to positioning the rear seats – with the option of putting two rows facing each other. The windows are tinted for your privacy. It also has ambient lighting, which is ideal for night services.

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